Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Trinity School - our sister school in Menlo Park

Last Thursday we presented to the student body at The Trinity School, a private preschool and primary in Menlo Park.  They have been a sort of sister school to Achungo since early 2011 when 5th grader and friend, Karen Rader, brought Achungo to her class as a 5th grade service project.

Here Karen is presenting to Monte a gift from Trinity including the school medallion and a letter signed by all the 5th graders. 

To the left is the letter and the medallion from Trinity and to the right is the letter from Achungo and the Achungo children in response
On our June 2011 trip to Achungo, we presented the medallion and letter to the children of Achungo and they provided a letter from Achungo back to Trinity, signed by Achungo's 5th graders.

 Since then, the students of Trinity have collected used clothing and shoes and such that supplied many wonderful things to the children of Achungo in addition to writing letters that our children have enjoyed and they have responded with letters and cards to the children of Trinity.

 This year Trinity donated 30 used Mac laptops to Achungo.  We've taken 20 out already and they are in excellent condition.  We set them up during our June 2013 trip and the Achungo students immediately began learning on them.  These are children who live in mud huts in one of the most economically depressed areas of the world.  The computer skills they learn will set them apart from all other primary school students and prepare them to be outstanding candidates for potential employment.

Monte has presented several times to Trinity's 5th grade class, sharing pictures and interactive discussion of life in rural Kenya while they took notes on their laptops and asked insightful questions.  He has presented a few times to the 2nd grade and other classes, and it is always a delightful experience.  When Michael Nyangi visited last December, he was able to share with a number of Trinity classes also.

This visit last Thursday Monte shared pictures like those here, including some of the laptops in use, of their past gifts and of the progress at Achungo since they first engaged with us (our classes were in tin sheds at that time and are now in our new campus!).  We also had letters from Achungo's 5th, 6th and 7th graders and cards from the younger classes that we distributed to the Trinity classes.

This is a very special relationship for us all!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

News from Hamburg, Germany

News from Hamburg, Germany
I would like to introduce a new thread in this blog about activities in Hamburg leaded by Armin Opitz concerning support to the Achungo Children Centre.
My real name is Stefan Menck and I am, like Armin, teacher at a school in the Eastern Part of Hamburg, Germany.
With much work Armin was able to install an annual sponsored walk.
So I would like to announce the Achungo Sponsored Walk 2013 which will be held on the 12th of September.
Like last year two schools will participate: Our school, which is a secondary school and the school Oejendorfer Damm which is an elementary school. This means that about 800 pupils will start running on this coming september morning.

I will add news (and some photos of the last years walk) as soon as possible.

In future we will write this thread in German and English so that some of our younger pupils (who aren't capable of reading English) may follow this thread too.

Stefan Menck

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Founder Visits California: Michael's December Tour

Michael Nyangi, Founder and Kenyan Director of Achungo Children's Center, made his first trip to California this year.  This was a long awaited, long-planned visit to connect with his many supporters and for many more to hear his incredible story (see the prior post for his story).  He arrived on Wednesday, November 28 and stayed over 2 weeks, departing December 13.

Most of his flight costs were covered by a very generous supporter, using frequent flyer miles and paying the added fees.  Most of his trip he stayed with the Fishers and became part of our family and a very evident inspirational influence on our children.  And during his stay he visited 3 church sites, spoke at an informal dinner (potluck) and a formal tea, shared with many school children at 3 different schools, and told his story at 3 evening events and 2 luncheons as well as the MPPC Men's Bible Study and a private prayer group who had been praying for him for the past year.   I accompanied him at these events and each time I heard his story I was more inspired by it!

He enjoyed a trip to the beach and to SF, including the Golden Gate Bridge, and visited with the Sisters of Mercy and with Kiva in SF
as well as with the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Countries (SEED).  And he toured Stanford and Silicon Valley, with a special tour of Google.  He thoroughly enjoyed his visit and reached many people in many ways and it was hard to see him go!

Michael joined a panel with Mark Swarner, Mission Pastor, and Zenebe, Director for an NGO in Ethiopia (Hope Enterprises) on Sunday, December 2nd at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC) in Menlo Park in front of about 60 people and that evening again at MPPC's Mountain View campus with about 35 attending.   Michael told his story of realizing how little it took financially to change lives and founding first a micro-finance organization and then Achungo.  And he shared his forward-looking vision for Achungo.

The following Sunday, Michael shared his story with the youth group at Saratoga Federated Church and after services, spoke to a large gathering of those interested in missions in Africa and supporters of Achungo.  Here he is part of a presentation to the original U.S. Executive Director, Barbara Jeanrenaud and her husband, Henri, who are retiring from the Achungo Board.

During the week, Michael spoke to the 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, hosted by Suney Park, a longtime Achungo supporter and teacher at Eastside.

Trinity School, a private primary in Menlo Park, has been something of a sister school to Achungo for almost 2 years.  Michael shared with the entire study body on Friday morning and then was invited into the 5th grade class (top picture on the right) and 2nd grade class (lower picture on right) where we handed out letters from the 5th and 2nd graders of Achungo.  Trinity students have been writing letters to Achungo students for over a year now and it has been an enriching experience for both sets of students.

We also shared with the Trinity preschool class and showed them pictures of the animals and of the school and students in Kenya.

 That afternoon Michael shared his story with 200 7th graders of Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park.  In the top picture to the left, Jonathan Schaff, a 7th grader who visited Achungo in June 2012, introduced Michael to his fellow students.

In the lower picture to the left, Michael stands in front of the bleacher seats that were filled with the 200 7th graders during his talk.

That was a large crowd of teens but they were silent and respectful throughout Michael's presentation.