Newsletter - March 2014

Here is our March 2014 newsletter with the latest news from Achungo Children’s Center, Kenya.  We continue to be very excited about the school’s performance and the prospects for our first 8th grade class to do well on the Kenya Certification of Primary Education (KCPE) that is their qualifying exam for Secondary School (High School).  They have all placed so well so far that we fully expect all to pass with flying colors and then we will want to be able to sponsor each of them to go as far as they can in higher education as the most important way to ensure a successful and fulfilling life for them.  

This newsletter includes another 8th grader’s story and we will include their information on the Achungo website by late this summer as we kick off our sponsorship program and attract the funding for their schooling.

You’ll see other news here about our boys’ and girls’ dorms and also about our farm, as it begins to ramp up its projects.  And I’ve included a picture of the girls (and their friends) who shared at the Tea in December about how they decided to start a lemonade stand to “help the orphans in Africa.”  It was just too dear not to share!!

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